This section may or may not become my favorite and potentially most frequently posted to site. I have quite a few plans already for the projects and things I would love to have in my life. For the most part, I don’t feel I need much, but there are always some wants in life that we would love to have. These blog posts are dedicated to trying to get those wants by building them myself. On a whole, I really want to gear these posts towards healthy living, enjoying the outdoors, and improving life in some manner.

I am doing most of these projects on a couple of saw-horses set up in the back yard. I want to try and stick to common, simple tools which are necessities for most men’s basic tool box. I will also use some power tools which aren’t as common, hopefully not often, but ones which could be rented on the cheap at your local big box home improvement store, or local hardware store. I enjoy working with my hands, and I feel that anything is in the reach if you are willing to pick up the tools and work for it!

Recent Blogs:

Stand-Up Paddle Board Project - Part 1

The first of a 3 part series on building a stand-up paddle board.