Let’s face it, we tend to have many wants in life and very little resource to get all those wants taken care of. I believe with a little effort and innovation each can be taken care of. Since we all have different aspects of life we each enjoy, I thought I would write about some of those which I enjoy. I do this with the idea of innovation and healthier living in mind.

Over the course of the last couple of years I have been blessed with a great job which has afforded me the ability to work towards converting my lifestyle to one which is much healthier. However, had I not had this job, it probably would have been near impossible. This is not to say it did not come with its own limitations. I travel a lot, and am home for short periods, so buying groceries is a difficult task so my lifestyle still involved too much eating out and other unhealthy options. Since everyone is not as fortunate as I am to have employment or discretionary funds to spend as they see fit, and I am currently looking to move on to different opportunities which find me home nightly, I see the need to try and accomplish this lifestyle on limited means.

Upon this premise I try and find ways to enjoy each aspect of life which I love, all the while doing so with a budget in mind. My goal is to change my lifestyle in every aspect and share my projects, processes, and other things along the way in hopes to encourage, inspire, and air out my mistakes or missteps so others can benefit from them, as well as, me. I am no expert on any of these subject matters, just someone who enjoys the journey, no matter where it may lead!

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