Personally, I am huge fan of activity…Any activity. This is probably why I love the outdoors more than anything. I can enjoy just about any task provided I get to stand in the sun and enjoy nature. Many times in various jobs I have held, I have maneuvered my way so I can clean this or repaint that outside instead of in the shop. Makes the day go by so much quicker! Given my proclivity for the outdoors, it would be a shame to not have it apart of my passions in life!

This area is a far cry from how to incorporate work into the outdoors. This is, as one would expect, an area dedicated to all things outdoors, from kayaking, hiking, biking, golf, and everything in between that I may stumble upon during my journey through life. My hope is with a little new journey in the food category, a new journey in the outdoors, and the other aspects of life a person can start living a better, more enjoyable, healthier lifestyle!

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I believe that incorporating these small tasks into your daily life to incorporate the outdoors will enrich life as a whole.