Chris Eklund

Christopher Eklund was born in northwest North Dakota, grew up in different areas of the state before attending hih school in Britton, South Dakota. His sense of adventure and willingness to go anywhere and do anything attitude has found him living in Las Vegas, Iowa, back to North Dakota, and South Dakota. In 2010 he reestablished himself in the learning environment by starting his college path which inevitably led him to Minot State University. In 2015, he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a double major in Business Management and Management Information Systems.

During his approximate 4 years at Minot State University, he worked as a mudlogger and than Well-Site Geologist for Neset Consulting Services during the North Daokata Bakken Oil-Boom. It was during this timeframe in his life which he encountered many interesting experience which led him to believe life truly is a journey and it can be as fun and interesting as you decide. Through this ideal, his love of food, fitness, the outdoors, and using his hands to build things which enhance life, Mannovation.com was born. The idea that a guy can take limited means, whether it be space, finances, or other limits in life, and apply good old fashioned innovation and ingenuity to produce anything he chooses.

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