I love North Dakota prarie! Fitness to me is trying to keep things as simple as possible. I do enjoy the gym, well the idea of the gym and all its features, but for me mother nature truly gives me the most drive to exercise. I am a huge advocate in listening to your body, not necessarily letting your body always tell you its limit, especially in fitness, but listening and paying attention to what it is telling you so you start to understand you limits and where you can push past them slightly.

My exericse philosophy is pretty simple. I just want to be active. I know that I need to incorporate more stregnth training in my life and will be doing so soon, but for now I primarily focus on getting in shape, staying as fit as I can given life's various traps, and doing this in a manner which I enjoy so it never seems like excrutiating work. I know that you need those types of workouts too to make true progress, but I find that, for me, keeping the bare minimum of workouts to things I enjoy, i.e. long kayak outings or long runs/walks outside listening to music or audiobooks, can really make the time pass and the distances really add up. I am also a firm believer in setting goals for you fitness and at the very minimum a mental outline as to how you will achieve those goals. Laying out rules for intensity for workouts based on the goals you set allow for more focused and direct workouts, and as a result, more effective workouts. I do enjoy some interval training and have found that pinterest is a fun wealth of quick, cheap, home workouts and challenges. I enjoy these because I can mold them to my goals, set distinct timelines and lifespans for each workout so my body doesn't get used to the work and I don't get bored with the continual repetion. In general, I keep the month structure many of these challenges utilize. I look forward to sharing my goals, workouts, and progress through my posts, and hope to help others achieve the goals in their fitness life!

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