My Guide to Outdoor Importance

2015-05-07Written By: Christopher Eklund

I know I have already said it a few times, but I love the outdoors! I think it is due in large part to the cold, harsh winters we endure in North Dakota. I find that it allows me to cherish the nice weather when it comes around, be it 70 in the spring or 30 above in the winter. I enjoy all seasons, I especially love spring and early summer, as well as, winter once the ice covers the lake and fishing season gets back into full swing afloat a large ice cube. I hope to share my love of the outdoors, plan some fun excursions locally, and maybe even inspire some adventure into the lives of those around me while doing so. I am a huge believer in life being less about what you do and more about who you are doing it with.

Like with the other areas on my site, I am going to lay out some of my guidelines to what this is all about. First, I am going to point out that I really want this to be about enriching my own life through nature. I enjoy most everything I set my mind to, from gardening to kayaking to going on long treks in the country. The point for me is to always be on the lookout for new places to explore. I am lucky to work in western North Dakota. Many people see the brown grassland which looks dry and dead come mid-summer. I see the rolling hills, the burnt clay which turns the landscape an incredible hue of reddish orange, and wide open spaces filled with wild life.

Second, part is to always be on the lookout for events to partake in, even if you are for people, they can be an incredibly fun experience. I just experienced my first fishing tournament at the beginning of this month. Northwest Iowa holds the Walleye Weekend fishing tournament each year to mark the start of walleye season on the Okoboji Great Lakes. In total, there were just a slight number below 2000 entrants in this tournament, a vast majority being in boats trying to fish the very same spots on the water which you are targeting. It is quite a spectacle, but also, quite the experience. It is two days of day and night fishing with little sleep and an air of strategic hunting in search of the top prize, or better yet, a tagged walleye. These little quirks can add a whole new dimension to an already enjoyable experience, and even better, a great reason to jump in the boat with a buddy and pull an overnighter on the lake!

Finally, donít be afraid to bring a camera, especially if you have any inclination to enjoy photography at all. There are so many opportunities to experience and see Mother Nature at its weirdest most awkward times, as much as there is to see it in all its splendid glory. I have always enjoyed having the little bit of extra weight around just in case! Plus, itís a fun thing to have pictures with your friends, family, or spouse that can easily be used as a gift for them later in some creative way! No matter what, this is all about enriching oneís life through enjoying the simpler things in life so make sure to keep things simple and do whatever needs to be done to keep it stress free as possible.

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